Modern Challenges Require Modern Solutions

Previously, running a successful processing or a chemical plant meant developing a simple checklist and crossing your fingers and trusting that things would fall in place.

Today, consumer demands have increased and the products required are more advanced and complex; it's tough to meet these demands with old-school techniques and outdated processes.

Modern techniques, processes, innovation, and out-of-the-box thinking are required.

That is where MKPro Engineering excels.

Unlike traditional engineering processes, our problem-solving processes are designed around one goal; to identify the bottlenecks and improve your production processes so that you can increase your profits.

So, whether you’re just getting started and need to streamline your processes or you’re already in production but feel you need to record improved numbers in terms of profits, we’ll put together a creative, scientific, and practical strategy to help you achieve your goal with ease.

At MKPro, we’ll work with you from ideation and brainstorming to identifying the bottlenecks to actually resolving them so that you can start seeing results sooner than later.
MKPro Engineering

Our current range of products currently includes:

Creating More Value With Process Technologies’

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What Our Clients Say

Chaudry Ahsan Amin

Key Account Manager at AAM

"Dr. Michael supervised my thesis for my B. Engg Chemical (Hons) degree. I found him an excellent mentor who helped my team and I develop process engineering and academic research skills, and his mentoring towards me has extended past academics to the professional arena. He is knowledgeable in his field, methodical in his approach to projects, systematic in problem solving and has good interpersonal skills."

Rawand Kader

"I have studied and worked with Michael Akindeju. It is rare to find the quality engineers who are good not only technically but also in Economics, Project costing and management, Banking and Finance, Reporting and who are good team members and always willing to help and share knowledge. You will find all of that in Michael. Michael pays attention to details and always endeavours to deliver excellence and his tasks."

Damon Buchanan

Technical Process Superintendent at Kirkland

"I can highly recommend Michael in the mineral processing field. Michael conducted a throughput increase review for my department in 2017. The report was professional, as per scope, on time and had very interesting solutions that were well thought out and made use of the limited resources available at that time"

Michael Trenorden

Engineering Manager at Gekko Systems

"Dr Michael Akindeju has very strong understandings of all aspects of process engineering. His back ground and skills also allows him to research and apply new skills quickly and with fantastic results for the client. No problem is too hard for Michael and he seems to enjoy the challenge of taking on problems other people try to avoid."

Dr Ebenezer Sholarin

Founder & CEO, Solarben Group. Entrepreneur, Educator, Train

"I have worked with Dr Michael Akindeju on professional and personal level. As a Chemical process engineer, I found him to be a consummate professional with excellent people management skills. His superior emotional intelligence quotient places him on a higher performance level far above his peers. He has my highest recommendations."

Ashwin Amarnath

Energy Professional (Masters of Renewable & Future Energy Ca

"Michael was my tutor at university in my first year of study. During this time, he was influential in helping myself and students understand the wider applications of engineering solutions and to think broadly. He also served as a mentor, extending and enriching my experiences within the field of engineering. I am pleased to recommend a person like Michael who is honest and conducts himself with integrity at all times for any opportunities in the future knowing he will be a valuable asset."

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